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Expand your world in the most enjoyable way - travel the wild parts of Southern Africa the bushdrifter way

  drifting coasts and beaches  

  • Western Cape

    De Hoop Nature Reserve
  • Tsitsikamma Coastal National Park, Storms River mouth

    Eastern Cape

    Tsitsikamma Coastal National Park, Storms River mouth, hang bridge
  • Namaqua National Park, Coastal section

    Northern Cape

    Namaqua National Park, Coastal section
  • Namaqua National Park, Coastal section, during the flowering season

    Northern Cape

    Namaqua National Park, Coastal section, during the flowering season

outhern Africa has an extensive coastline shared between Namibia, South Africa and Mozambique.

Namibia's entire coastline of 1,570 km has been declared a National Park. Almost the entire coastline is desert and as such inhospitable, making it very dangerous to wander along there on your own. Mostly people visit the area in the company of tour operators who know the areas well and are adept at surviving in those harsh conditions.

For beach jollers and sun fanatics, the areas around Swakopmund and Walvisbay are the places to be, the rest is the domain of the Bushdrifters who must obey a host of natures rules, as well as some laws concerning the diamond trade. Do not venture here without properly preparing yourself with regard to knowledge about the laws and also the rules of nature.

South Africa's coastline, on the other hand, is very varied and include both arid and wetter areas, offering a wide variety of experiences, including kilometers of beaches to surf, windsurf and all the possible exciting things that happens on beaches where both the sexes are well represented. In between these populated areas, one can normally find unspoilt places that can be explored on foot or by 4x4, as long as you do not drive on the beaches, which is against the law in South Africa.

Popular areas among Bushdrifters are the Namaqua National Park's Coastal Section and further south along the coast to turn east towards Koekenaap and Lutzville. After Lutzville, one can join the coastline again to to Langebaan. Bushdrifters will also like to join the coastline again after Cape Town at Gordons Bay and then to places like Betty's Bay and on to De Hoop Nature Reserve.

Then one can join the N2 and "drop down" to a lot of little towns like Witsand and Stilbaai, or one can go straight on the N2 to Mosselbay and then through the beautiful area from George, Sedgefield, Knysna, Plettenberg Bay and others. Next follow the rough roads of the Transkei to their beautiful beaches and thereafter the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast with its many beaches and holiday resorts, which should rather be done out of holiday seasons.

From Durban north to Kosi Bay is just a Bushdrifter's dream with many nooks and crannies and nature and game reserves to visit. Southern Africa truly has a coastline that offers something for everyone and a lot to Bushdrifters.

Mozambique has wonderful beaches and diving and snorkeling opportunities. Nature along this coast is still very wild, but new developments are constantly being built. Unfortunately, reports of renewed fights between Renamo and the Government have been streaming in, so until that is not a problem anymore, we will concentrate on the safer routes that is not covered by war clouds.

  A drifter finds it difficult to stay too long at one place and likes to move from place to place to experience newness every time - Bushdrifters love beautiful, wild nature places and visit as many of these as possible and dream of the day when they don't have to go back to "civilization" any more.