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About The Bushdrifters

  • Makuya Park, Luvuvhu River

    Limpopo Province

    Makuya Park, Luvuvhu River
  • Coastline, Tsitsikamma Coastal National Park

    Eastern Cape

    Coastline, Tsitsikamma Coastal National Park
  • Camdeboo National Park, viewpoint

    Eastern Cape

    Camdeboo National Park, viewpoint
  • Addo Elephant National Park, 4x4 Route

    Eastern Cape

    Addo Elephant National Park, 4x4 Route
  • Karoo National Park, kudu on horizon

    Western Cape

    Karoo National Park, kudu on horizon
  • Camdeboo National Park, Valley of Desolation

    Eastern Cape

    Camdeboo National Park, Valley of Desolation

TheBushdrifters was born to serve as a source of information for people who like to travel with their own or hired vehicles through the natural parts of Southern Africa. People who like to camp and be inside nature in places like the National Parks, Provincial and also private nature reserves.

Travelling and camping (mainly) through Southern Africa, we saw how many campsites and facilities stand idle in the periods between school holidays. During these times the facilities are filled by mainly two groups. The Southern African retirees and overseas people who love to travel as what we like to call - "bushdrifters".

The Southern African retirees know very well the ropes and they need very little encouragement to spend time in the wild. Our great concern is the fact that there are literally millions of people worldwide about our age who does not know what they are missing by not knowing about the opportunities that are available here, ready to be utilized by them, the rich and not so rich. Our aim is to use this site as a source of information for those who are looking for new places to explore and enjoy.

When talking to the overseas people who we meet here, they quickly tell us that they visit here for maybe the fourth time or more. I once met a gentleman from Holland in Nossob in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park who told me he came to Nossob ever year for 14 years at that stage. Also, many in the Kruger park and elsewhere tells us that they come every year, or second year, so it seems people come only once and they are hooked by the life in the relative wilderness, among so many wild animals, that they cannot wait to come again.

The question that raised its head in my mind was: "Why don't we meet more overseas retirees? We are of retiring age ourselves and cannot think that our age group amongst the overseas people cannot visit like the somewhat younger lot we see every time we go into the wild? Don't they know how easy it is? Especially since they can come for longer periods, thereby thinning the daily cost of the airline tickets. The longer you stay, the cheaper the total daily cost.

I am going to use this website, Google+, and other means to try and contact those who are not aware of the advantages of visiting Southern Africa, especially for longer periods at a time. Come guys and girls, become BushDrifters, join us because the time to move is now - we are going to lie still for very long one day. Let's use what's left of our lives to get to know the wild intimately. Come to Southern Africa - become bushdrifters.