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Expand your world in the most enjoyable way -
travel the wild parts of Southern Africa
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    Kgalagadi - Kalahari Tented Camp
  • Expand your world in the most enjoyable way

    - travel the wild parts of Southern Africa

    Kgalagadi - Lion at Grootkolk Wilderness Camp
  • Life is short

    - live it now

    Northern Cape - Die Mas - Kakamas
  • Northern Cape

    Namaqua National Park, Coastal Section
  • Eastern Cape

    Baviaanskloof Wilderness Area
  • Kruger National Park

    Vutomi Dam
  • Kruger National Park

    Leopard close to Satara
  • Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

    Landscape close to Twee Rivieren Camp
  • Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

    Landscape close to Mata-Mata Camp
  • Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

    Kieliekrankie Wilderness Camp
  • Karoo National Park

  • Free State

    Landscape in the Golden Gate Highlands National Park
  • On the way to Nieu-Bethesda

    Eastern Cape

    On the way to Nieu-Bethesda
  • Northern Cape

    Campsite, Kalahari Gastehuis (on the R360)
  • Addo Elephant National Park

    Landscape in the Main section

South Africa, Namibia and Botswana travels.

The aim of this website is to show you what a great experience and adventure it is to travel the wilder areas in three countries of Africa, namely South Africa, Botswana and Namibia.

Together they cover a huge expanse of wild areas welcoming the more adventurous wildlife enthusiast. The transport of choice for these areas is a 4x4 vehicle, adapted to be one's home, hospital, workshop and pavilion rolled into one. No wonder these bush drifters love their vehicles so much that some of them are willing to fight to defend their favorite brands, especially after the campfires have been lit and the "cold ones" are near at hand.

Travel and Wildlife Conservation

It upsets me to see open campsites and bungalows in places like the Kruger National Park and others, knowing that these places need funds to be able to survive and preserve the wildlife inside their borders while others, who are not aware of this way of enjoying their holidays and lives, could have been there with us around the fire, enjoying the night sounds of the bush while also contributing to wildlife conservation in these countries. If only they knew, and that is what I am trying to achieve - to make people aware of travelling or drifting the bush and the people I take aim at are those who are able to take longer vacations, like retired people, people who run a business on or by means of the internet. In short, if you can take a holiday of longer than two weeks, you qualify. But always remember, the longer, the better.

Remoteness and Safety

These three countries are by no means the only ones where people can drift around in the bush, but it is the ones we like and tested. We also consider them the friendliest of the southern countries. They also offer the best mix of landscapes, wildlife and remoteness that I like. They offer adventure with a safety factor built in. Never totally out of reach of medical facilities if you have ample travel insurance in place to be airlifted and as far as breakages are concerned, there always seem te be a "plan" to be made to get out of trouble, especially if two or more vehicles travel together. If possible, we will be willing to travel with people who are weary of going it alone.

Currently I have a BLOG where I try to keep people posted about our progress and I like to have lots of beautiful photos and videos to show what we see on our trips.

Ask questions about places and trips or just join the chats on the Blog. Join in now; the more we are, the more value will be generated by us, for us.

  A carefree traveller is in its own way a drifter - if channeled from the right perspective. Literature would have us believe that such existence is not only but a valiant step, but a bright journey   (anon)